Meet Panzera ambassador Amir Zoghi

PANZERA ambassador Amir Zoghi is accustomed to moving outside his comfort zone. He learnt to fly when he was 16, and is now an aerobatics pilot who competes regularly in Australian aerobatics competitions. He is CEO of Red Baron, a flying team that gives people the chance of savouring extreme flight experiences, including simulated aerial dogfights in which the pilots take their passengers through a series of loops, rolls and wingovers, with accelerations reaching up to +8G.

Exciting flying, exciting life

For a pilot like Amir, flying is living his dream. “When I fly, I feel at home with the world. I become at one with the aircraft, and the wings become an extension of me.” For his passengers, being taken out of the comfort zone is not just about the adrenaline. It can be a life-changing moment. In fact, in addition to running his aviation company, Amir Zoghi is also a motivational speaker and mindset coach, and by means of his programmes (see his website for more details), he can take people outside their comfort zone within their own mind. This enables them to recreate their lifestyle approach, promoting self-realisation and self-awareness, helping them to reach their true creative potential.

Air-testing for the Panzera Flieger watch

Not surprisingly, Amir’s watch of choice in the Panzera range is the Flieger 46. For Panzera, Amir’s flying style represents a gruelling test for a pilot’s watch. The components in the mechanical movement have to continue to operate impeccably notwithstanding forces reaching 10G, and the case and watchglass have to resist the rapid changes in pressure caused by the high rates of climb and descent. Amir himself describes the Panzera Flieger 46 pilot’s watch: “The reason I love my Panzera is it looks smart, it’s functional and rugged, but not pretentious. My Panzera is my daily go-to watch, and I’m never afraid to wear it anywhere.”

Unmistakable identity

And so, wherever he is, Amir Zoghi is easily recognised, whether on a stage as a motivational speaker, or in the sky in the bright red Pitts Special biplane that recalls another great Red Baron, World War I ace pilot Manfred von Richthofen. For Amir, the Panzera Flieger 46 is a perfect expression of time in the air.


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